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Urchon glas

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Urchon glas

Urchon 1/3

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L'Urchon, the beer of the marshes of the hedgehogs

Urchon was first created in June 2002. Brewed with the basis of 4 special malts, Urchon is a brown beer with a strength of 7.5% abv.

Saison voisin glas

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Saison voisin glas

Saison Voisin 1/3

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Saison Voisin, a beer of tradition

On the occasion of the Ducasse Saint-Christophe at Flobecq 21st July 2001), la Brasserie des Géants brought out its second product, Saison Voisin.

This beer which was brewed according to the original 1884 recipe (see history) and under the guidance of retired brewer Mr Léon Voisin, brasseur retraité, is amber coloured and has a strength of 5% abv.

Refreshing, with a light touch of bitternes and fruitiness, Saison Voisin is produced by top fermentation. It is unfiltered and is refermented in bottle.

Saison Voisin was nominated for the Coq de Cristal award at Libramont in July 2002.

Gouyasse/ Goliath Tripel 3/4

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La Gouyasse Triple

Gouyasse Triple (9% abv) is brewed solely from 4 top quality raw materials : water, malt, hops and yeast.

Golden in colour, its smooth body and its subtle aromas will charm your tastebuds

Gouyasse 1/3 Tradition

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Gouyasse Tradition, a beer of flavours
Gouyasse Tradition, first brew from the Brasserie des Géants (August 2000), took several months to develop.

The wish of Master Brewer Pierre Delcoigne was to produce a beer rich in flavours but fairly light in alcohol, working only with the four raw materials (malt, hops, water, yeast), without any additives.

Aroma : freshness from the malt and hops evoking all that is natural.
Colour : beautiful light yellow giving the appearance of a filtetred beer if you only pour in the first ¾ of the bottle. Naturally it becomes cloudy with the sediment in the final quarter.
Taste : perfect balance of a dry but not overpowering bitterness and a maltiness which softens the hoppiness.
Head : the beer has a fine soft bubbly head.

Extract from the Vif-L'Express (Weekend, n°11, 2001),
author : Mr Christian Deglas

Gift pack Goliath 3 * 33 cl + Glas

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Goliath Blond + Goliath Winter + Goliath tripel + 1 Glas

Ducassis 1/4

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La Ducassis, Elixir of the Giants
Ducassis is the first top fermented beer to be made with real blackcurrant berries. It is the result of a partnership with two craftsmen who specialise in blackcurrant products (Nuits Saint-Georges, France).

Fruited but with no added sweetening, Ducassis will surprise you.
Ducassis gained the "Pionnier" (pioneer) award at the Salon Horeca food fair at Gent in November 2003.

This project was carried out in strict collaboration the Jeune Chambre Economique (Junior Chamber of Commerce) d'Ath twinned with its counterpart at Nuits Saint Georges.