Brasserie Les 3 Fourquets

Initially (in 2004) we started to provide the nearby pub our malted beers in casks. The brewery “Les 3 Fourquets” decided in 2007 to create a new beer in champagne bottles as well as in casks.

The desire of the brewers was to come up with a novel beer, and to brew it following authentic beer brewing traditions, while providing a new and unique palette of bouquet and taste, in a modern brewing installation.
The exceptional scope in which the brewery deploys its craftmanship gives a rich inspiration to the brewer of this beer.


Lupulus Blonde

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Lupulus is a blonde ale with an alcohol proof of 8,5 %, refermented in champagne bottles and in casks. The choice not to filter the beer, as well as not to pasteurize it ensures its taste and aromatic quality.
The use of hops in considerable quantities, gives this liquid gold a freshness and an incomparable bouquet. Store this beer, as it ought to be, next to your beloved Grand-Cru and serve at a temperature between 8 and 12°C (46,4 and 53,6°F). You'll be delighted !

Cheers !

Lupulus Brune

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Lupulus dark is a brown ale with an alcohol proof of 8,5 %, refermented in champagne bottles. The beer is very attenuated, so not difficult to drink because it's not heavy. The coloring is due to some candy sugar. At the end of boiling, a small quantity of orange peels is added. According to the persons who have already tasted it, this brown ale is very different from traditional brown ale and a very estimated beer. Cheers!

Lupulus Hibernatus 75 cl

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Lupulus Hibernatus is black-coloured beer, strong (9°), brewed with malted barley (“pilsen” type) and torrefied barley. The hops used are coming from Slovenia. At the end of the boiling, the brewer add a bit of cinnamon. This combination with the torrefied barley gives the Hibernatus a powerful taste. The after-taste is at the same time bitter and sweet, and finishes on a light coffee touch.

Taste this beer regularly, well heats at home, but with moderation! You will see, it will help you to cross the winter and arrive in spring in a good shape!

Lupulus Organicus 75 cl

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