Brasserie de Bellevaux

The B’s from Bellevaux: Beer to experience

Considering that the main component of beer is water, the brewery finds itself resting on top of the best source imaginable: Ardennes water. Pure Ardennes water enhances the flavor and aroma of the ingredients allowing us to produce the highest quality of premium beers.

Black, Brune, Blanche and Black

A great deal of water has passed under the Bellevaux bridge since we first conceived of the idea. But finally we are nearing the inauguration of our brewery. Soon, we will raise our glasses to toast the future of Brasserie de Bellevaux. We will then leave it up to you to choose between the different B’s from Bellevaux, each with its own distinctive combination of flavor, color and clarity.

The brewery produces two principal brands: the inviting and smooth Brune and the feisty, more complex Blonde. In addition, we brew two seasonal beers: the crisp Blanche notifies us of the arrival of spring. At the end of the summer, the fresh Blanche is replaced by a full-bodied Black that ushers in the winter.

We are committed to brewing the best beer that our diligent efforts can produce. Enjoyment and passion for quality is at the heart of our commitment and we look forward to welcoming you to our brewery. Enjoy our fine beer on a terrace connected to the charming sampling facility or, if you like, buy our bottled craft beers to enjoy wherever you call home.


Bellevaux Blanche 33 cl

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Bellevaux Blond 33 cl

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Bellevaux Bruin 33 cl

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Bellevaux Tripel 33 cl

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Bellevaux Black 33 cl

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