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La Curtius - Microbrasserie liégeoise

It was during our agribusiness oriented studies that our passion for brewing was born, with the aspiration to create a prestige beer from Liège. Indeed we wanted our micro-brewery to be implanted in the heart of the Fiery City (in French ‘la Cité Ardente ‘) and dynamic in the image of our region. The next three years were rich in encounters with masters-brewers, not only from Belgium but also from other brewing cultures. They were also dedicated to the experiment of dozens of recipes. Many encounters and experiments which allied with our creativity of young brewers gave life to the unique recipe of ‘La Curtius’. Since this Spring the micro-brewery ‘de la principauté’ is located at La rue de la Brasserie n°8 in Liège. - See more at:


Curtius 37.5 cl

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Liège’s beer, complex and elegant Curtius is a blond beer brewed with a number of premium quality products with a light taste and refreshing flavors. Mixed with different malts of barley and wheat, its base grants it a pleasant lightness while the addition of aromatic hop blossoms gives it a subtly bitter, flowery and fruity flavor. Its unique and progressive taste is the results of multiple fermentation steps, conducted during several months. Curtius deserved a bottle of quality and prestige at the scale of its content. This is why we chose a 37.5 cl corked bottle, just like Champagne bottles. Naturally Curtius will also be available in barrels. - See more at:

Curtius Glas

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